HGCILA Application – Nomination Form

Hazel Gillsepie Community Investment Leadership Award Nomination/Application Form 2024

This is the 2024 nomination/application form for the HGCILA that will be used by the Committee to assess potential recipients for this award. To facilitate fair adjudication, please submit all nominations/applications using this form. Information that does not directly relate to the form requirements will NOT be considered in the review process. Please proofread as gGrammatical errorz, typos, and misspelllled words detract from the qualityof the the nomination.

Name and contact information for the person making the nomination/application by completing this form(Required)
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Nominee/Applicant Information

Upload a pdf version of the nominee/applicant’s resume.
Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 100 MB.
Paste the link to the nominee/applicant’s LinkedIn profile if no resume is available for uploading.
Is the nominee/applicant based in Calgary?(Required)
The nominee has been informed and conscented to this nomination.(Required)
What is the intended use of the funds associated with this award? Is it going to professional development, if so what are the objectives?


How the nominee/applicant demonstrates leadership that advances the effectiveness of Community Investment.
Please describe role(s) with specific reference to the following: 1. State the organization and connection. 2. Include time periods (past or present) 3. Describe the role undertaken by the nominee/applicant. 4. Describe the actions or approaches undertaken and the organizational impacts. 5. Please specify which roles are employment related and which are personally motivated.
Please describe engagement(s) with specific reference to the following: 1. Provide specific examples of fostered relationships. 2. State examples of shared leadership practices. 3. Provide examples of activities undertaken by the nominee/applicant and state the positive changes and/or growth for others that resulted (examples may include planning events, conference presentations, and professional development leadership).
Provide specific examples of how the nominee/applicant has committed to ongoing learning and development (professional and/or personal). Don’t forget the biggest learnings!


Demonstrating the influence and/or implementation of employer/company Community Investment strategy.
Provide consider incorporating the following in your response: 1. How has the nominee/applicant engaged community organization in providing input or feedback to a employer/company’s strategic direction? 2. How does the nominee/applicant balance community interests and employer/company interests?
Provide consider incorporating the following in your response: 1. How do community partners identify methods to measure goals, impact and expectations while meeting evolving community needs? 2. Did community organizations seek out the nominee/applicant related to challenges, strategic partnerships, or community changes? If yes, how did the nominee/applicant advocate for the community members? 3. On behalf an employer/company, what contributions are made to reporting standards (such as SROI, DEI, and/or ESG)?

Initiative and Impact

Significant initiatives the nominee/applicant had a role in developing.
Provide consider incorporating the following in your response: 1. What benefits were generated for all partners and participants? 2. What roles and actions were undertaken by the nominee/applicant?
Provide information about the overall impact of the partnership or program and the nominee/applicant’s reflection of contributions, influences and impacts.
Upload (maximum 3) letters of support for this nomination/application. Remember that one (1) must be from a non-profit community group/organization and only one (1) may be from an employer. Please respect this application and provide information pertaining to the nomination/application only.
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 100 MB, Max. files: 3.

    Thank you!

    Don’t forget to review your nomination/application before pressing submit. Incomplete submissions will NOT be considered (and we don’t want you to miss out). All nominees/applications will be contacted as part of the selection process to inform them of their results. Finalists will be contacted by the Committee after nominations/applications close for a conversation about community investment prior to selecting this year’s recipient.
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